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DC101 Presents Elliot in the Mornings Holiday Concert with Fall Out Boy, AWOLNATION, Bastille and The Struts
Fairfax, VA
Holiday Jam with New Edition and Black Alley and Kenny Babyface Edmonds and Babyface
Washington, DC
Dec 4
Silver Spring, MD
Dec 4
Tyler Farr
Charles Town, WV
Dec 10
Mannheim Steamroller
Baltimore, MD
Dec 10
Not So Silent Night: French Montana with Rob Thomas and George Ezra
Silver Spring, MD
Oct 19 2012

Yelawolf brings his Slumerican Tour to Turner Hall this Sunday

Reblogged from - By Dj Bizzon, Special To the Journal Sentinel

startclickprintexclude startclickprintexclude endclickprintexclude endclickprintexclude So many shows and events happening this month and luckily, Yelawolf is bringing his Slumerican Tour to Turner Hall Sunday evening. He's been around since the mid-2000's, but came into the mainstream last year signing to Shady Records and releasing his hit album "Radioactive". Rittz and Trouble Andrew will open for him and DJ Vajra is on the 1's and 2's all night. And trust me, if you don't like anyone else on this line up, the 2011 DMC World Champion, DJ Vajra is a more than good enough reason to be there. startclickprintexclude Comments (0) Tags: dj : bizzon : jank : hip : hop : rap : music : takeover : Yelawolf : slumerican : tour : rittz : trouble : andrew : vajra | Email This Blog endclickprintexclude

A few months back, Yelawolf caused controversy when he went on a rant supporting the Confederate flag. His unwavering association with the storied Southern symbol for oppression earned negative press and brought about constructive conversation, leaving fans hopeful he’d reconsider his stance and see the bigger picture.

Now, we get the only response that matters, an audible treat from Yela, called “To Whom It May Concern.” The track was apparently inspired by a conversation the Alabama MC had with Big K.R.I.T. and specifically addresses his altered view on the looming topic.

“Nine innocent churchgoing people get murdered There’s not a...

17 19 days ago

We’ve seen Torii MacAdams smile, once or twice

Pimp C ft. Lil Wayne – “3 Way Freak”

Posthumous albums are not all created equally. Notorious B.I.G.’s Life After Death was completed during his lifetime, and saw its release 16 days after his murder. Born Again, released in 1999, was a cut-and-paste job. The posthumous Pimp C collection, three albums in all, skews solely toward the latter; Pimp C was a prolific producer and frequent guest vocalist, but he didn’t leave behind a completed project. The release of increasingly dusty Pimp C material is likely nothing more than barefaced profiteering, which ultimately does...

11 26 days ago

Though Yelawolf made his name in Southern-fried rap, on recent releases he’s moved more overtly toward straightforward country music. His latest single “Devil in My Veins” off April’s Love Story makes the transformation complete.

Yelawolf croons about his struggles with addiction over twangy slide guitar, syrupy strings, and gentle drums. He’s released a video for the track, in which he goes full Waylon Jennings.

He lounges in bed with his fiancée Fefe Dobson, blearily strums an acoustic guitar in the morning, and puts on his cowboy hat for a tambourine session under the wide open sky.

57 3 months ago

(AllHipHop News) The tragic June murders of nine people at a Charleston, South Carolina church at the hands of a white supremacist finally pushed states across the country to begin removing the Confederate battle flag from public grounds and license plates. While most of the country believes it’s time to abandon the Civil War/Jim Crow symbol of racism and treason, Alabama rapper Yelawolf is not giving up his Confederate paraphernalia. The Shady Records signee wrote a lengthy post on Facebook defending his use of the flag: Ain’t no way I’m letting some ones ignorance tear me from my roots .. you fcking fck...

51 3 months ago


When it comes to musical acts, there is no shortage of darkness – specifically, black. There are countless “Black” named groups. They are the original cool kids on the music scene. The groups who are still together are now the elder statesmen of rock & roll. Back in the ’70s and ’80s the trend in band names was “The” names: The Who, The Police, The Smiths, The Clash, The Cure – and even The The. Eventually that trend was eclipsed by something darker:...

36 3 months ago

/uploads/original/missing.png Yelawolf Created A Playlist Of His Fave Music Videos For You!

Last week, rapper Yelawolf released his second album Love Story. Haven’t got it yet? Stop reading this and buy it ASAP. [Waits for a while] Got it? Cool. Now that you’ve got the album, check out some of Yelawolf’s faves. We asked him to pick out some music videos he loves and you can tune in to Much at 6E/3P today to watch them, or you can listen to them all below!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away

Wu-Tang Clan – Can It Be All So Simple...

49 7 months ago