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Oct 19 2012

Yelawolf brings his Slumerican Tour to Turner Hall this Sunday

Reblogged from - By Dj Bizzon, Special To the Journal Sentinel

startclickprintexclude startclickprintexclude endclickprintexclude endclickprintexclude So many shows and events happening this month and luckily, Yelawolf is bringing his Slumerican Tour to Turner Hall Sunday evening. He's been around since the mid-2000's, but came into the mainstream last year signing to Shady Records and releasing his hit album "Radioactive". Rittz and Trouble Andrew will open for him and DJ Vajra is on the 1's and 2's all night. And trust me, if you don't like anyone else on this line up, the 2011 DMC World Champion, DJ Vajra is a more than good enough reason to be there. startclickprintexclude Comments (0) Tags: dj : bizzon : jank : hip : hop : rap : music : takeover : Yelawolf : slumerican : tour : rittz : trouble : andrew : vajra | Email This Blog endclickprintexclude

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